Types of Silicone Pet Products There are a lot of silicone pet products on the market, so do you know which ones are there?

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1. Silicone pet Frisbee: Those who have raised large pet dogs, especially active dogs, should not be unfamiliar with this. Such pet dogs have a soft spot for this Frisbee! I like to play this product very much. Its function is to throw a Frisbee into the sky. Before it hits the ground, the pet dog bites and holds it.



3. Silicone pet toothbrush: People brush their teeth every day when they wake up or brush tigers before going to bed at night, and pets do the same. Because pets eat every day, they must also have bad breath, and this finger toothbrush is specially designed for pets. Of course, this toothbrush is not suitable for every breed of pet.

4. Silicone pet slow food bowl: pets are actually the same as people. Sometimes they will devour food when they are hungry. People can control this, but pets do not have this awareness. Therefore, when designing this product , Add a lot of gear tops in the base bowl, you can control the rhythm of pets gobbling down when they eat.


Post time: Jul-19-2022